Hello! I'm Daniel, a software engineer based in Brooklyn. I enjoy building simple products with a deep emphasis on user experience.

In 2015 I solo founded a small bootstrapped business and have profitably grown it to 1.8MM+ users. I also created Relisten.net, a free and open source concert streaming platform.

I spent a decade consulting on projects for a variety of companies1 at every stage, focusing largely on frontend, product, and UX.

These days I'm exploring some new ideas, maintaining some old ones, and seeing far too many concerts.


  • PopFlash.site - CS:GO scrimming platform
  • Relisten.net - Completely free live streaming of over 100 bands' concerts for web, ios, and sonos
  • Rewind - rewindable 3D demo viewer and analysis tool for CS:GO
  • Tapped In - a concise hand-curated daily listing of the best live music in nyc