Daniel Saewitz is an award winning athlete. Most improved player, Little League '98. Now he works on simple projects and sees a lot of live music.

PopFlash.site - CS:GO scrimming platform

Relisten.net  - Completely free live streaming of over 100 bands' concerts for web, ios, and sonos

Rewind        - rewindable 3D demo viewer and analysis tool for CS:GO

Tapped In     - a concise hand-curated daily listing of the best live music in nyc

Dead Projects

Parade    - a simply mediocre video sharing ios application

PhishVids - a database and front-end of Phish videos, it sucked

Tweezer   - a bulk social network sharing tool, survived maybe one month

Website: https://saewitz.com
Github: https://github.com/switz
Email: hi@saewitz.com